StartupZoo is roaring into the second half of 2023 with double the excitement and double the cash! To celebrate this half-year milestone, at Pitch Night #5 in August, we’re unleashing $10,000 in cold, hard equity-free cash to the winner.

Since the icy claws of winter began to loosen their grip on the hearts of Southwest Michigan’s budding visionaries, StartupZoo has held four thrilling Pitch Nights, feeding a total of $22,500 in untethered financial power to the ambitions of entrepreneurs. There will be no competition in July. We are taking a month of rejuvenation, a brief respite before we return, doubling the prize and igniting the startup jungle with a spectacle of creativity and innovation.

If you’ve been toiling away, nurturing your startup, longing for a chance to bask in the warm glow of victory, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Seize the opportunity and join the ranks of Pitch Night winners. Unleash your pitch upon the world, and launch your dreams to unforeseen heights. To apply for a spot on this expedition, visit The gateway to glory awaits. Applications are open until July 20, 2023, so gather your courage and take the leap of faith.

But before we dive deeper into this primordial cauldron of ambition, let us extend a heartfelt thank you to our presenting sponsor, Google for Startups. Google recognizes that greatness knows no geographic boundaries, and it is an honor to be part of the quest to find the next generation of startups. StartupZoo Pitch Night is our humble beacon beckoning extraordinary companies toward the capital, networks, and resources necessary to fulfill their potential.

As we expand our prize, we are not merely doling out more cash. No, my friends, we are celebrating the founders who have graced our stage, starting with our first four champions.

Braving the snowy chill of our inaugural Pitch Night, Demargeo White, the man behind Huey D’s Goodies, captivated the crowd with his tale of triumph over a pandemic-induced job loss. Fueling his passion for unique cheesecakes and cheesecake cupcakes, Demargeo devised a revolutionary hybrid retail and Direct-to-Consumer model, defying conventions and pleasing palettes across Southwest Michigan.

On Pitch Night Two, Adam Muncy and Jake Hamlet, the huge hearts behind Samson’s Haircare, mesmerized the judges and wooed the audience with their passionate stories. Inspired by their experiences as foster parents, they channeled their spirit into creating premium quality hair products for the full kaleidoscope of hair types and textures. From a humble production facility in the Edison neighborhood of Kalamazoo, their sculpting clay, pomade, shampoos, conditioner, beard oil, and beard wash now adorn the tresses, crowns, and jowls of customers across an astounding 32 countries.

Pitch Night Three’s vibrant winner Charmaine Marshall and her brainchild, Styled By Charmaine proved that merging fashion-forward styling and efficient wardrobe management could equal cold hard cash. Charmaine’s consultancy offers closet optimization and media styling to rising leaders without devouring hours of their valuable time. Proof of early market traction landed her the seed capital to fuel her quest for process improvement in the hunt for sartorial brilliance.

Lastly, Pitch Night Four winner was Ex-Chef and visionary urban vertical farmer Jon Fischer of Ransom Street Greens. Jon showcased an automated micro-greens farm concept, a testament to rapid profitability and scale capacity. His integrated sales and operations platform promise to optimize consumer demand, ensuring maximum profitable yield by daring to “grow only what is already sold.”

Through all of our events, the biggest win is expanding the community of entrepreneurs who grace us with their presence at each Pitch Night. Camaraderie and support pulsate through the air each month, reminding us that StartupZoo Pitch Night is not just a cutthroat competition but a haven for like-minded souls. It’s not just about competition; it’s about fostering a community of innovators. At every pitch night, we encounter two or three new founders in the audience, eagerly offering their support to fellow travelers on the entrepreneurship journey.

Visit and carve your name in the annals of greatness. The window of opportunity for double the cash is open until July 20, 2023. May fortune favor the audacious souls who dare to dream beyond the limits of convention.